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Hedges were the earliest forms of boundaries. From our first attempts at domesticating animals, we sought ways to stop them escaping. Before barbed wire, and more easily worked with than stone, we made hedges.

Unfortunately, plants do not stay as they were planted, and over time hedges grow and may become "gappy" at the base, making them next to useless for keeping stock in fields, and losing any wildlife benefits.

This is where Leaf Cutters can help.

Old hedges which have suffered years of neglect and flail cutting can often leave you wandering if they should just be grubbed up and started again.

Even the gnarliest old deciduous hedge can be regenerated.

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This is the skill of cutting a hedge plant to the point you can lay it flat. Every region has its own unique style, based on the agriculture that was common for the area and around the climate -how the plants regrow.

Here at Leaf Cutters we lay Yorkshire style and Lancashire and Westmoreland style.

A well layed hedge is an ideal wildlife corridor, providing shelter and habitats for a plethora of wildlife. Once layed, maintenance is easy, and it's the closest thing to a wire fence you can have without the wires!

We also do domestic gardening, landscaping, fencing , decking and garden maintenance across West Yorkshire.

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Hedge Laying

It's not just agricultural: We also do domestic garden hedges to!

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